Baylor University Statement on Full Deposition of Former Athletics Director

July 20, 2018

WACO, Texas (July 20, 2018) – Baylor University released a statement today regarding the full deposition of the University’s former director of athletics:

“Despite the numerous, factually baseless assertions in Mr. McCaw’s deposition, one fact remains – several incidents of sexual and interpersonal violence involving student-athletes were reported during his tenure as athletics director. It was the Baylor Board of Regents that stepped up and took action, launching an independent investigation – by the nation’s top sexual assault legal experts – of not only the football program but of the entire campus in terms of how reports of sexual violence were handled over a specific period. The results of this investigation were outlined in a Findings of Fact document that led to sweeping leadership changes and a slate of 105 campus-wide recommendations for improvement, which have since been completed.

“The University remains confident in the personnel changes made following the Pepper Hamilton investigation. Baylor is also confident in the new leadership of our athletics department and football program, and the many initiatives to promote a caring culture that values all students on and off the field.

“As specifically described in our prior legal responses, Mr. McCaw’s unsubstantiated claims of a conspiracy by regents, racism and scapegoating at Baylor are bizarre, blatantly false and nothing more than speculation and gossip of which he has no firsthand knowledge. The release of the full deposition proves this point. Mr. McCaw’s assertions are a blatant attempt to redirect responsibility and simply do not reflect reality and the significant measures taken by the Board to address the concerns that had been raised regarding sexual violence. Mr. McCaw’s unsubstantiated assertions certainly do not reflect the vibrant, welcoming and diverse community found on our campus.

“It is important to note that nowhere in the Plaintiffs’ 46-page complaint are allegations or claims made about the Pepper Hamilton investigation or the departures of Mr. McCaw and Art Briles, which occurred after the Plaintiffs’ alleged sexual assaults. And most recently, during McCaw’s day-long deposition, not a single question was asked of McCaw about the Plaintiffs’ alleged assaults or Baylor’s handling of their reports. This case is not about past personnel decisions, nor does it involve any athletics department officials.

“It also is important to note that in December 2016, the Baylor Board of Regents unanimously reaffirmed its full confidence concerning the thoroughness and fairness of the Pepper Hamilton investigation, following a report by a special committee that reviewed the methodology, scope of work and findings of the investigation.”