Statement in Response to Lawsuit - March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

Nothing is more important at Baylor University than providing a safe and caring community for our students. The University is committed to following appropriate Title IX policies and guidelines. This includes providing robust training and education to both incoming and current students in an effort to prevent sexual assault – training that each of the students involved in this alleged incident received when they came to Baylor. The University works tirelessly not only to respond to allegations of assault, but to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.

Baylor is also committed to providing a caring environment for survivors while working to determine the facts in each case to ensure a fair and equitable process for all involved parties. This is a complex case – Baylor’s investigation involved three complainants, four respondents, and multiple allegations by each of the three complainants against each of the respondents. More than 30 individuals were interviewed as part of the University’s investigation process. From the initial report to the final adjudication, Baylor’s Title IX policies and procedures were followed in how the incident was reported, investigated and ultimately adjudicated.

Importantly, the same day that Athletics officials learned about the incident, they reported the matter to Baylor’s Title IX Office and subsequently suspended the respondents from all team activities within 36 hours of the incident report. Additionally, interim measures were coordinated by the Title IX Office during the pendency of the investigation to limit contact among the involved parties as reasonably as possible.

Following an extensive investigation by the Title IX Office, all of the respondents were found responsible for one or more of the allegations against them, and none are enrolled at Baylor any longer.

A McLennan County grand jury has reviewed the case as to at least two of the respondents and determined that there was not sufficient evidence to proceed at trial.