Statement in response to Harris County verdict

June 9, 2021

“We sincerely regret that the student in this case did not have the Baylor experience that she expected, and our prayers remain with her now and into the future. The safety and security of our students continues to be our top priority as we fulfill our Christian mission to provide a safe and caring environment for all members of the University community.

“We extend our appreciation to the members of the jury and Judge Reeder, who over the past three-plus weeks heard from many witnesses and experts before evaluating the facts in this case and ultimately determining the truth and rendering a unanimous verdict and judgment in Baylor’s favor.

“This was an important decision that recognized Baylor is not the same institution as it was three, four and even five years ago, when the University took several unprecedented actions, including leadership changes and the broad implementation of 105 campus-wide recommendations regarding its response to past incidents of sexual and interpersonal violence within the campus community.

“These extensive changes – successfully implemented campus-wide before the alleged incident in this case occurred in late 2017 – focused on training and education for all students, faculty and staff to improve awareness and prevention of sexual and interpersonal violence and to respond appropriately when such events do occur; clear and comprehensive policies and procedures; and new personnel, including a highly trained and well-staffed Title IX Office.

“We remain confident in the safety and security of the Baylor campus, in our training and education efforts related to sexual and interpersonal violence, and in our policies and personnel when such unfortunate incidents involving young adults do occur.”